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Services and resources

This is a listing of national and provincial organizations that provide services and support, or direct you to relevant resources. These services can be useful to survivors, caregivers and those at risk for a chronic condition. 

Aphasia — Services to help you to connect with a speech pathologist or locate other resources that can help to improve communication skills

Assistive devices — Services to help you access or fund assistive devices to manage physical limitations

Care partner support — These resources can help caregivers cope with their new responsibilities

Drug coverage — Provincial and national drug plans that provide support for medication costs

Employment — Services to help adapt, retrain, or search for work.

End-of-life support — Resources related to palliative care and end-of-life decision making

Financial support — Government tax benefits and financial support programs

Finding a doctor — Services to aid in finding a new or specialized doctor in your community

Home care — Home care and continuing care services that allow for medical support in the comfort of your home

Medical services by phone — Find telehealth services that can answer your health questions by phone or webcam

Personal care and Daily living — Services that help with daily living such as meal preparation, home maintenance, or personal grooming

Recreation and travel — Services related to accessible travel and recreation

Rehabilitation — Find rehabilitation services in your area

Social/Peer support — Social and peer support resources to help you stay socially connected

Stroke and Cardiac Prevention Centres — Understand and prevent your risk for a cardiac episode or stroke through services offered at a Prevention Centre

Supportive/Accessible housing — Find services that help make housing more financially and physically accessible

Transportation — These services make accessible transportation possible

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