Meet some of our volunteers

Stephan Maighan headshot

Stephan Maighan

After his mother had a stroke at age 28, Stephan’s life changed completely. He volunteers as a spokesperson to share his mother’s story and raise awareness.

Magda Schouten headshot

Magda Schouten

Magda’s family history of heart disease motivates her to give back. Now, she volunteers in our  Edmonton office helping keep our programs running smoothly. 

Lynn Docherty headshot

Lynn Docherty

Lynn has led many successful fundraising initiatives in Prince Edward Island. She loves bringing people together in support of a great cause.

Dr. Dylan Blacquiere

Dylan, a member of the Canadian Stroke Best Practices writing group and a neurologist, is dedicated to improving outcomes for stroke patients.

Our volunteer promise

Every volunteer is a valued and essential part of achieving Heart & Stroke’s vision of healthy lives uninterrupted by heart disease and stroke. Our community offers a welcoming and fulfilling environment for volunteers to contribute their time and talents. We believe : Volunteers are the heart of the Foundation.



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