Why volunteer

What can I expect?

Q Does volunteering take a lot of time?

That’s partly up to you. Whether you are looking to help out at a one-day event or take on a leadership role, we have the opportunity for you.

Q How do I know the best way for me to volunteer?

We have a simple self-assessment you can fill out. By telling us what skills you’re interested in sharing, you’ll help us understand how you would like to be involved. We can then chat about the opportunities available or in some cases, we may create a role specifically for you. 

Q Will someone help me learn my role and what to do?
A When you start volunteering with us, we will give you an orientation and provide training related to your role. If you ever need additional information, don’t hesitate to connect with your employee partner.
Q Do I need specific skills or qualifications?
Not usually. It depends on how you want to get involved.   
Some opportunities require certain skills; for example, to volunteer as a CPR trainer, you need certification to provide that training. 

If you’re unsure how your skills fit at Heart & Stroke, take a moment to complete the self-assessment.
Q Can I volunteer from home or do I need to go into an office?
Some roles do require you to come into the office (don’t worry, we don’t have a formal dress code, we just ask that you dress in a way the reflects the work you’re doing).  

Many roles are either conducted online or based in the community. You may connect with your employee partner at a safe location in the community or over the phone to discuss what needs to be done, share resources or bring each other up to date.
Q I still have questions. What do I do now?
A If we haven’t covered your question here, contact the office nearest to you. Feel free to give them a call and speak with an employee who will be happy to answer your questions.