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How your $1 is spent

Every contribution you make, no matter how small, creates more survivors and improves the health of Canadians.

59 cents
Funds life-saving research, advocacy and health promotion
38 cents
Is invested in fundraising and engaging Canadians in healthy activities
3 cents
Goes to administrative costs

Financial statements

Here are the most recent financial statements for the Heart & Stroke Foundation.


Payments to board of directors

From time to time, Heart & Stroke carries out business transactions with suppliers of goods and professional services whose officers are also directors of the foundation.

These transactions are in the normal course of operations and are measured at the exchange amount, which is the amount of consideration established and agreed to by the related parties and which, in management’s opinion, is comparable to amounts that would have been paid to non-related parties. These transactions are subject to a regular review process.

In fiscal 2019, there were no such transactions and therefore payments to companies whose officers are also directors of the foundation amounted to $0. 

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  • end heart disease & stroke once and for all

  • make breakthroughs on heart and stroke research

  • ensure kids get the best start to healthy life

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