Complaints Policy and Process

I. Purpose

We, the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada (“Heart & Stroke” or the “Foundation”) recognize the importance of the role our constituents, donors and the general public play in our work. While we strive for excellence in the pursuit of our mission, we recognize the value of your feedback and understand there may be instances where we have an opportunity for improvement. In order to ensure you receive the highest level of service, we have developed this policy and procedure to address and escalate any concerns or complaints you may have about the Foundation or that may arise in your interactions with Heart & Stroke. We also welcome any positive feedback you may have about our programs or work and are always happy to hear from you!

II. Guiding Principles

  • Heart & Stroke is committed to excellence in all aspects of its work.
  • All feedback about the Foundation is welcome as long as it is communicated in a respectful manner.
  • Heart & Stroke is committed to a complaints review process that is:
    (1) fair and impartial;
    (2) transparent in process and method;
    (3) respectful to all involved;
    (4) timely and efficient while balancing an appropriate allocation of resources.
  • Responses and action shall be proportionate to complaint raised.
  • Complaints shall be escalated as appropriate.
  • Outcomes and resolutions shall be communicated clearly to complainants.

III. Application

This policy applies to all external Foundation stakeholders including, but not limited to, donors, constituents, and members of the public, that want to communicate with the Foundation if they have feedback or want to register a complaint about Heart & Stroke.

IV. Policy Details

The complaints process is available to address concerns of dissatisfaction about the services, actions, lack of action, or interactions with Foundation staff and/or volunteers.

Any individual may bring a complaint forward to the Foundation by calling 1-888-473-4636, e-mailing or writing to Complaints c/o Heart & Stroke, 2300 Yonge St., Suite 1200, Box 2414 Toronto ON  M4P 1E4. We encourage individuals to make a complaint in writing where possible so the complainant can articulate in their own words the concern.

A complainant should include as much detail as possible about their concerns as well as a contact number and/or address where a response should be directed, if they feel comfortable doing so. Where a complaint is of a confidential or sensitive nature, this should be included in the subject line of the correspondence or the complainant should advise the person responding to your telephone call and you will be immediately directed to the Foundation’s General Counsel or Vice President, Talent & Diversity.

All complaints will be reviewed in a timely manner and escalated to the appropriate department or staff person for a response and action, if necessary. Complainants should expect to receive a response regarding their concern within 5-10 business days, if not sooner. Where a concern cannot be resolved within that time frame, the Foundation will notify the complainant of the steps being taken and the anticipated timeframe for resolution.

A response may not be provided in circumstances where a complaint is abusive or harassing in nature; where a complaint has no direct connection to the Foundation; where a complaint is illegible; where a complaint has clearly been sent as part of bulk mailing or email. Where an anonymous complaint is made, no response will be provided however, the Foundation will review the concern in an effort to improve its services.

All complaints will be recorded on a complaints tracking worksheet, including a description of the complaint, who handled it, actions taken to resolve the complaint and the timeframe for resolution. Where the complaint cannot be immediately resolved, a name and contact information of the complainant may be recorded to ensure proper follow-up.

A summary of all complaints received, including the number and type of complaint, will be reported to the Foundation’s board of directors annually.

V. Effective Date

This Complaints Policy and Procedure becomes effective April 2019 and will be reviewed as necessary.

VI. Executive Champion

The executive champion responsible for this policy is the Chief Information and Constituent Services Officer.