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Beat as one.

Making more possible as a partner with Heart & Stroke.


As the leading national health charity dedicated to beating heart disease and stroke, we want to work with you as a corporate partner towards a future where people in Canada can live life to its fullest, uninterrupted by heart disease and stroke.

Your help is urgently needed. 



Every eight minutes someone dies of either a heart attack or a stroke.



Heart disease and stroke are the second leading cause of death in Canada, with 9 out of 10 people having at least one risk factor.



The #1 cause of premature death in women in Canada is heart disease and stroke.



Women in Canada are nearly five times more likely to die from heart disease than breast cancer.



80% of all premature heart disease and stroke cases are preventable.


A partnership that will create impact.

By becoming a corporate partner with Heart & Stroke, your organization can improve outcomes for all people in Canada who are now, and who will be, impacted by heart disease and stroke – including your employees, your customers and your own families.

Your organization will contribute to critical funding and investments that will advance medical discoveries over the next ten years as well as increased communications, education and awareness that will help to immediately reduce these alarming statistics and positively impact peoples’ lives.


Your support makes a difference

Advance research

Your donation will accelerate critical research that will improve outcomes for people living with heart disease or stroke.
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Build awareness

Your donation will help inform, educate and raise awareness about heart and brain health for people in every community in Canada.
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Transform healthcare

Your donation helps us advocate for public policies and healthier environments, improved access to support services and a strong and equitable health system.
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Patient engagement and support

We partner with people with lived experience and their care partners, support them and keep them connected throughout their health journey and recovery.
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What sets Heart & Stroke apart 



Heart & Stroke has 90% brand awareness across Canada.



Canadian charity for top-of-mind awareness.



National reach that drives impact regionally impacting all people in Canada.



A powerful network of subject matter experts, speakers, businesses and community groups across the country.



A leading health care authority with over 70 years of trust and impact across Canada.




Thank you to all of our corporate partners.

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Reach out to our team to initiate a conversation to explore opportunities for how Heart & Stroke and your organization can work together to help save more lives from heart disease and stroke.