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Dr. Kim Connelly leans over a microscope while two people look on.

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Grace Dierssen

Research milestones

For more than 60 years, our donors have funded medical breakthroughs that save lives.


Surgeons performing open heart surgery

1954: First successful open heart surgery in Canada

Dr. Wilfred Bigelow performs the operation, using a surgical technique developed through a Heart & Stroke research grant.

Nurse taking mans blood pressure

1980: Discovery of the hormone that controls high blood pressure

Dr. Adolfo de Bold discovers atrial natriuretic factor (ANF), sparking a revolution in blood pressure research.

From left Dr Andrew Demchuk Dr Mayank Goyal and Dr Michael Hill

2015: ESCAPE trial transforms stroke treatment

Research shows treating major strokes by removing blood clots through blood vessels cuts deaths by 50% and significantly reduces disability.

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