How donors are funding breakthroughs

Backed by dedicated donors and volunteers, Heart & Stroke’s commitment to research has been unwavering for more than 60 years.


From the first successful open-heart surgery in Canada to the discovery of the gene responsible for heart arrhythmias, our researchers have led life-saving advances for heart conditions, stroke and related dementia.

Research Breakthroughs — Life-saving advances made possible by you.

More than $33 million invested in 2018

With more than $33 million invested in 2018, we are one of the leading forces supporting Canadian research in heart and brain health.This investment, made possible by Heart & Stroke donors, supports best-in-class researchers across the country. Their innovative studies will set the stage for faster diagnosis, better treatments, and improved quality of life for people living with heart and brain conditions – both in Canada and around the world.




Research in action

Heart & Stroke researchers are creating powerful impacts throughout the continuum of care. Since 1952, $1.55 billion has been invested in research. In 2018 alone:

$33.2 Million
invested in research
research awards
researchers, including 27 research chairs

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