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Woman are under-researched, under-diagnosed and over-dying.
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The numbers speak for themselves

And the need for change.

cause of premature death in women in Canada is heart disease and stroke.
of women who experience heart attack symptoms have them go unrecognized.
of all heart disease and stroke clinical research focuses on men.

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Why is heart disease killing so many women?

Dr. Paula Harvey believes saving more women from heart disease and stroke starts with closing the research gap.

To stop women dying, we need to close the research gap.

  • How is Heart & Stroke creating a better future for women?

  • Am I at greater risk for heart disease and stroke?

  • Where can I read about real women's experiences with heart disease and stroke?

  • Where can I find a community of support? 

  • How can I learn more to protect myself and my loved ones? 

  • How can I do more to make change?

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