Heart-healthy treats to bake this holiday season

Try these baking and dessert ideas sure to compliment the year-end festivities
Four raspberry muffins on a dish garnished with frozen raspberries.

Pictured: Quinoa raspberry muffins

Holiday festivities almost always include sweets! Keep your heart healthy and happy with five tasty, easy, dietitian-approved recipes. Browse to find your next Christmas family favourite. 

Yogurt lemon cake with berry sauce 

This light lemon cake is a perfect baked good to end a meal — enjoy with the berry sauce for a festive touch.

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Pear and lentil muffins 

Lentils in muffins? You bet. They add a punch of protein and fibre to these delectable baked snacks, and keep them perfectly moist.

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Quinoa raspberry muffins 

So light and full of raspberry flavour, with the added protein of quinoa in each bite. Try varying the flavour with different frozen fruit.

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Tangy lemon custard pie with fruit 

A light custard and soft crust make this pie an easy dessert to share with friends.

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Oatmeal blueberry walnut muffins 

These muffins are well balanced with sweet blueberry taste and earthy oats and the slight crunch of walnuts. 

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