Healthy new year recipes

Start the year off right by with some healthy home cooking!
Cabbage casserole in blue ceramic pot

Commit to cooking more at home this year. It’s a great way to eat well and reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke! Try these healthy recipes – simple enough for  a weeknight dinner – from our recipe partner, Canola Eat Well. 



Salmon cakes with lemon yogurt sauce

These flaky, salmon fish cakes are packed with omega 3. Pair with delicious lemon yogurt sauce for lunch or supper. Get the recipe.



Turkey meatballs with braised apples

This is great for a quick and delicious meal. Perfect for when you need a healthy meal on the go!  Get the recipe.



Chicken enchilada soup

This simple soup will be a hit with kids! It’s chock full of flavour and chicken with crunchy tortillas – a great family weeknight meal. Get the recipe.



Lentil burritos 

A satisfying vegetarian lunch with a touch of heat, perfect for keeping you warm in the new year. Get the recipe.



Cabbage roll casserole

This casserole provides all the flavour of cabbage rolls without the work of rolling them! Get the recipe.



Cumin crusted fish 

Sautéing is a quick and healthy way to prepare this tasty dinner. Get the recipe.

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