Fighting for prevention

We’re empowering Canadians to live healthier lives and reduce their risk

Poor eating habits, a lack of physical activity and unhealthy environments are contributing to rising rates of high blood pressure, obesity and more. The result is a growing epidemic of heart disease and stroke. The numbers don’t lie: Nine in 10 Canadians have at least one risk factor for these diseases.

The good news is that 80% of premature heart disease and stroke can be prevented.

The fight for prevention starts with our kids. Being physically active, eating well and maintaining a healthy body weight from a young age reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke throughout life. Once formed, these good habits are hard to break.

That’s why we’re working with schools and communities across Canada to foster healthy behaviours among children, youth and families.And it doesn’t stop there. Adults are the primary group affected by heart disease and stroke. Canada’s Indigenous peoples face a much higher risk. That’s why we’re working every day — with our donors and supporters — to empower all Canadians to lead healthy lives. See our latest results.

Our action plan:
  • Convince governments to protect kids’ health through a full nutrition plan that includes:
    • restricting marketing of foods and beverages to children
    • committing to healthy living initiatives funded through a levy on sugary drinks.
  • Improve the health of Indigenous people by building skills, trust and partnerships.
  • Reduce the impact of high blood pressure through a comprehensive prevention program.
  • Get more kids active through Jump Rope for Heart. 
  • Advocate for a healthier food supply through tougher laws on sugar labelling and salt content.
  • Help more Canadians manage their risk factors with our eTools.
  • Encourage healthy eating through our recipes and nutrition info.
  • Reduce tobacco’s appeal through advocacy campaigns.
  • Fund research breakthroughs that will help prevent heart disease and stroke.


Proportion of premature heart disease and stroke that can be prevented

Heart & Stroke milestones in prevention

1976 First clinical trial investigates using AspirinTM to prevent stroke

1990 Researchers discover first genetic link to premature heart disease

2004 Research identifies nine risk factors that account for 90% of heart attacks

2006 Advocacy leads to passage of Smoke-Free Ontario Act — among world’s toughest anti-tobacco legislation

2014 Heart & Stroke becomes first organization to call for Canadians to limit daily sugar consumption


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