News release: A jewel of life is back with Josée Boudreault as spokesperson

This August, new limited-edition bracelets made of semi-precious stones will be available thanks to a partnership with the Jean Coutu network
Josée Boudreault

(Montréal) — After the stunning success of its first three editions, with more than 55,000 bracelets sold, Heart & Stroke is proud to announce that A jewel of life fundraiser is back from August 1 to September 15, 2020 thanks to a special partnership with Josée Boudreault. The new limited-edition bracelets will be available at all Jean Coutu locations throughout Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick.

“I’m thrilled to once again be the face of A jewel of life. Not only are the bracelets beautiful, they’re also meaningful, since they support important research for heart disease and stroke. I’m living proof of that! More than $550,000 has been raised since the first edition. It's an impressive amount, but we still have to go on!” mentions Josée Boudreault, spokesperson and public speaker who survived two strokes, in July 2016 and in September 2017.

The bracelets also help teach people about the signs of stroke because they come with a card explaining the FAST acronym, campaign for which Josée Boudreault is also a spokesperson. Stroke is a medical emergency that occurs 62,000 times a year in Canada, in other words, once every 9 minutes. It is therefore vitally important to recognize the main signs and how to react, especially since it is the first cause of hospitalization in the country. When a person has a stroke, every second counts. The FASTer the blood circulation can be restored, the greater the chances of recovery.

To take part in the fourth edition of this fundraiser, purchase a 2020 Jewel of life for $10 plus taxes in any Jean Coutu affiliated pharmacy. The bracelets are made of either silver rhodium-plated hematite, strawberry red dyed jade or faceted grey matte hematite.

Heart & Stroke would like to thank its generous partners Jean Coutu, Rythme, M 102.9 and The Beat for their support.

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