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Print and hang the FAST poster in your offices, hallways, waiting rooms, community centers and churches. This file is suitable for office/home printing.

Read the copyright license and legal notice below and share FAST stroke signs to help build awareness and save lives.

Copyright license

The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada grants you a limited, revocable, non-transferable and non-exclusive license to use, reproduce and distribute the FAST Mnemonic, in print and in non-print format, for non-commercial and not-for-profit use only, provided that you do not modify any of the Content or Format and you do not remove or alter any visible or non-visible identification, marks, notices, or disclaimers.

Legal notice

While your use of these materials is encouraged, your permission to use them is subject to your agreement that:

1. You may only use these materials to promote this particular campaign and shall do so only for the duration of this campaign. You may not use these materials, in whole in part, solely to promote your organization or another campaign.

2. You shall not use these materials, in whole or in part, as a trademark in association with any products or services. You shall be solely responsible for any use of these materials that is alleged by a third party to be infringing their trademark rights and you shall indemnify the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada for any claims arising from any such allegations by a third party.

You may encourage others to use these materials but shall notify them of these same conditions to which your use is subject.