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Community Connect is a free e-newsletter for anyone affected by heart disease or stroke. Sign up for regular updates on opportunities to participate in research studies, share your advice and experience, receive practical tips, resources and more. 

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Community of Survivors

You’re among friends here. Our members-only Facebook group is for people living with heart disease or stroke . 

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Care Supporters’ Community

Join our members-only Facebook group to share, support and lean on others who, like you, are caregiving.

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Online support & engagement

Q What online support can I get from Heart & Stroke?
A First, you’ll find lots of information about heart disease and stroke on this website. Second, we have online peer communities where members can receive and give support. Third, Community Connect offers a way for you to stay aware of any news and engagement opportunities that may be of interest to you.
Q What are the online communities?

Our Community of Survivors and Care Supporters’ Community are two separate members-only Facebook groups: one for survivors of heart disease or stroke, and one for those who provide support or care to them. Community members can find social and emotional support in a safe, inclusive and respectful environment.

Q Can anyone join? 

No. To maintain a safe, caring space, group membership is controlled. Community of Survivors is for people diagnosed with stroke and/or heart disease. Care Supporters’ Community is for those who care for and support people living with stroke and/or heart disease. Groups are facilitated by experienced community managers (in English and French) and only members can see the group, post or comment.

Q Are the groups available in English and French?

Currently, Heart & Stroke operates two bilingual groups using Facebook’s translation function. Once membership increases, we hope to offer separate groups in English and French, depending on the groups’ wishes.

Q How could this help me?

Our communities are a place where you can be reassured that you are not alone. There are others who are living similar experiences, and who understand and can offer practical advice. You may also wish to share your experience and wisdom, extending a caring word to others. Members care, share and help pay it forward.

Q Why did you choose Facebook for your online communities? 

Through interviews and focus groups with survivors and care supporters, we realized that Facebook offers benefits: many people are already familiar with the groups, there is built-in translation so language is not a barrier, and you can interact knowing that your posts are secure and strictly accessible to members.

Q How do I join a group? 

1. Choose the group you’d like to join: Community of Survivors or Care Supporters’ Community.

2. Enter your Facebook log in details and click log in. Or create a new account here.

3. Click Join Group.

4. Confirm that you are living with heart disease or stroke or caring with someone who is, and agree to the guidelines/code of conduct for the group.


After your request is reviewed, you will receive a message through Facebook from the Heart & Stroke online community manager.

Q How long does it take to become a member? 

Processing new requests can be very quick or may take a couple of days, if we receive many requests over a short period. We invite new members into the communities in small groups to ensure a warm welcome from existing members and allow people to connect.

Q How is Community Connect different from the online Facebook communities?
A Community Connect is a group that stays connected to Heart & Stroke by receiving news and updates about ways for members to engage in actions such as relevant research trials, advocacy and healthcare improvement. It is all about engaging and taking action to help yourself and others like you.

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