Social life

Staying connected socially is not just enjoyable — it is essential for your health and recovery.

Not all your friends will understand what you are going through and some will drift away. In fact quite a few of our current friends never knew us pre-stroke

Having a stroke may change the way you connect with people. Changes in the way you look and feel may have affected your confidence. These feelings sometimes stop you from doing things that once mattered to you. You may avoid social activities, family and friends.

If you are finding it hard to connect, talk to your family, friends and healthcare team about what you are feeling and how you can get help.

For some friends and family, the changes caused by the stroke may make them uncomfortable, so they do not connect with you as often as before. Some may think that it is better not to intrude on your recovery. Some might not know how to connect with you anymore.

Think about asking them why they are not connecting. It might help them if they understand your experience better, your need for connection and the best way to do that.

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