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Living with Stroke is an 8-week facilitator-led program that will help you manage the challenges of life after experiencing a stroke. Meet other people going through a similar journey and gain the knowledge, skills, confidence and friendships to support you in your journey to recovery and wellbeing.

The program is led by trained facilitators – people with stroke experience, healthcare professionals, community leaders or a combination. The program includes highly interactive sessions focus on setting goals, sharing experiences, building skills and supporting one another.

Living with Stroke may be offered virtually or in-person according to public health guidelines and participant needs.

These sessions are not intended to be considered or to replace any medical advice, treatment or rehabilitation from your healthcare team. 

More about the program
Participants +

Living with Stroke is designed for people who have had a recent stroke (mild to moderate) and are living back in the community. People with a less recent stroke (within three years) may also enroll depending on their rehabilitation journey. 


  • are in stable medical health and have started their physical, mental and emotional healing journey.
  • are committed to all eight weeks of the program and are willing to interact with the group.
  • are able to engage in screen time for a minimum of 30 minutes. 
  • have access to a computer or a mobile device and reliable internet service to register and access resources, and to participate in virtual sessions.

Caregivers and family are welcome to attend with you.

The Living with Stroke program uses a publication called Your Stroke Journey. If you did not receive a copy of Your Stroke Journey while you were in the hospital, you can place an order for a copy to be mailed to you or download a digital copy from the Heart & Stroke website.

Sessions +

Living with Stroke is a self-management program that focuses on skill development and goal setting to enhance the quality of life for people living with stroke. Each of the eight weekly sessions includes an introduction, discussion, information sharing, stretch break, goal setting and action planning. 

Some of the topics covered in Living with Stroke are:

  • risk factors and secondary stroke prevention
  • communication and language
  • swallowing problems (dysphagia)
  • emotions and feelings of depression
  • support services

Introduction to the program, the technology, and the group
Goal setting and peer support
Stroke basics

Session 2
Understanding stroke

Session 3
Managing risk factors and being active

Session 4
Living with and adaptation to physical changes

Session 5
Safe and healthy eating

Session 6
Living with changes to cognition, perception and energy

Session 7
Emotions and relationships

Session 8
Moving forward

Facilitators +

Living with Stroke is usually hosted by a partner organization – a stroke centre, health centre, outpatient rehabilitation centre, community centre – or other healthcare or community organization.


  • can be community leaders, people with lived experience of stroke or healthcare professionals. 
  • help participants find and understand credible information, tackle challenges, make healthy choices and create a personalized action plan. 
  • have knowledge and experience related to stroke care and must complete training with Heart & Stroke prior to facilitating a program. 
  • training includes modules covering the program model, facilitation skills, subject matter review and more. 

If you are interested in becoming a Living with Stroke facilitator and your organization is already a partner organization (or interested in becoming one), please contact us.

If you are interested in becoming a Living with Stroke facilitator and are not working with a partner organization, please contact us to let us know your name, stroke experience and why you would like to be a facilitator. 

Bilingual sessions +

Living with Stroke is offered in French and English in Quebec through collaboration with the health regions. Programs are also available in person or virtually. 

Click here for locations or call 514-871-8038, ext. 20237.


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Find a Living with Stroke program in your community and get involved. Contact us for questions about the program.

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