Living with Stroke program

A community-based support and education program

Living with Stroke™ is a community-based support and educational program designed for stroke survivors and their care partners. The 6-8 week program will help you gain confidence to manage the challenges of living with stroke, and to meet others going through a similar journey.

Meetings are led by either a healthcare professional, trained peers or a combination of both. They are highly interactive, focused on building skills, sharing experiences and supporting one another.

Program length:
•    6-8 weeks
•    Program length can vary by location.

Who is it for?

Stroke survivors and their care partners who have completed their active rehabilitation and are living in the community.

Program topics include:  
•    Understanding stroke
•    Physical changes and challenges
•    Swallowing and nutrition
•    Cognition, perception and communication
•    Emotions: Focusing on depression
•    Activities and relationships
•    Reducing the risk of stroke
•    Moving forward after a stroke


Living with Stroke is currently offered in Quebec only. 
Click here for locations or call 514-871-8038, ext. 20237.