Donate securities

You can make a healthy investment and reduce your taxes by donating shares to Heart & Stroke.

When you make a gift of securities to Heart & Stroke, you put stock in knowing you are supporting vital research, health education and advocacy programs.

From funding research breakthoughs that increase cardiac arrest survival rates, to educating at-risk groups about managing their blood pressure, you help create better, healthier lives for thousands of people across Canada.

Why donate securities?

Your gift of securities entitles you to a donation receipt for the full market value (resale) of your contribution. Your gift will result in a non-refundable tax credit that will reduce your income taxes. You can use it in the year of your gift or carry it forward for up to five additional years.

You pay no capital gains tax on the appreciated value (increased price) of your securities. Donating securities directly to Heart & Stroke avoids the tax on capital gains, maximizes the return on your investment and protects the tax credits for use against other taxable income.

The chart below shows the tax advantage when you donate shares to Heart & Stroke instead of selling them and donating the proceeds. This calculation assumes a tax rate of 50%.

Gifts of Securities EN table

Gifts of Securities Calculator

Donating stocks, bonds or mutual funds can offer more tax benefits than if you sold the securities and donated the cash. Find out the after-tax cost of your donation below.

Calculate your net benefit of donating securities

Your combined marginal tax rate*: %
Current fair market value of your securities: $
Original cost of your securities: $
Results Donate Securities Sell Securities and Donate Cash
Value of your donation
Subtract: charitable tax credit
Add: capital gains tax
Net cost of donation
Net Benefit of Your Securities Donation  

Learn more about the benefits of donating securities (PDF).

To initiate your gift, download the form for your province PDF.


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