The Beat: Episode 8

Stroke explained


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Recent breakthroughs have dramatically improved outcomes from stroke. But how much do you know about stroke? We’ll hear from a woman who had a stroke in her 40s as well as two experts, sharing what everyone should know about stroke signs, risk factors, treatment and recovery.


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Meet our guests

Doctor Thalia Field

Dr. Thalia Field

Dr. Field is a stroke neurologist and associate professor at the University of British Columbia. She holds the Sauder Family and Heart & Stroke BC & Yukon Professorship in Clinical and Stroke Research. Learn more about her research.

Doctor Patrice Lindsay

Dr. Patrice Lindsay

Dr. Lindsay is a leading expert on stroke and Director of Health Systems for Heart & Stroke.

Jennifer Monaghan

Jennifer Monaghan

Jennifer is a busy volunteer, stroke advocate and mother. She had a stroke at age 43.