The Beat: Episode 1

How to heal a failing heart


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Each year, 100,000 Canadians are diagnosed with heart failure. Learn what it means to live with heart failure, and how researchers are racing to save lives.


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Meet our guests

Doctor Jacqueline Joza

Dr. Jacqueline Joza, cardiologist and Heart & Stroke researcher

Dr. Joza is a specialist in electrophysiology and an assistant professor at McGill University. Learn more about her research.

Kevin Lobo

Kevin Lobo, living with heart failure

Kevin had never heard of heart failure when he was diagnosed at age 38. Learn more about his story.

Stephanie Poon

Dr. Stephanie Poon, cardiologist

Dr. Poon is medical director of the Heart Function Clinic at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, and an assistant professor at the University of Toronto.