Statement: Heart & Stroke welcomes BC's new vaping restrictions to protect youth

Comments by Diego Marchese, Executive Vice President, Western Canada

(Vancouver) — “Heart & Stroke congratulates the BC Government for its leadership in introducing the most comprehensive steps in Canada being taken to stem the escalating epidemic of youth vaping. We welcome today’s announcement from Health Minister Adrian Dix, Education Minister Rob Fleming and Finance Minister Carole James. 

These are some of the key policy changes and actions that Heart & Stroke, along with other partners, have been asking provincial and federal governments to make in order to reduce the escalating rate of youth vaping. 

The BC Government’s new regulations restricting vapour product flavours, nicotine content, packaging and advertising, are important actions. BC will also be the first province to Introduce legislation to increase the provincial sales tax rate on vaping products from 7% to 20%. This is in addition to increasing the tobacco tax rate by 2 cents. 

We also applaud the BC Government’s actions in creating a youth-led anti-vaping social media campaign to de-normalize vaping, and for providing teachers and students with evidence-based resources about the risks of vaping and support for stopping vaping. ‘QuitNow,’ the province’s smoking cessation program, will also be expanded to offer new resources for youth and adults addicted to nicotine-containing vapes. 

Industry tactics targeting youth are creating a new generation addicted to nicotine – profiting them at the cost of the health of our kids. We applaud the BC Government for introducing comprehensive changes and for taking action to protect our youth from the harms of vaping and nicotine addiction. 

We look forward to continuing to work closely with the BC Government on protecting youth from the harms of nicotine as well as other tobacco control measures. 

Heart & Stroke calls upon the federal government to follow British Columbia’s lead in taking bold action to stop vaping. Canada needs the government to act quickly to protect youth and non-smokers from vaping by implementing a comprehensive flavor ban, restricting promotion and sales, placing limits on nicotine and mandating health warnings." 

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