News release: Public highly concerned about youth vaping, poll reveals

Heart & Stroke campaign urges Canadians to tell federal government to protect youth now

(Ottawa) — According to a new poll commissioned by Heart & Stroke, 80% of Canadians are concerned about youth vaping and 89% want quick government action before the end of year.

“We are facing a youth vaping crisis in Canada,” says Dr. Andrew Pipe, board chair, Heart & Stroke. “Industry has been targeting young people through aggressive marketing, enticing flavours, and attractive product design. One vape pod can deliver a phenomenal amount of nicotine — as much as an entire package of cigarettes.”

Heart & Stroke is urging concerned Canadians to tell the federal government to stop today’s youth from becoming the vaping generation. Through its new campaign, #stopyouthvaping, Heart & Stroke is calling on Canadians to send a letter to the federal government asking it to implement a comprehensive flavour ban and limit nicotine concentration in vapes. 

Poll highlights:

  • 80% are concerned about vaping among youth.  
  • 87% believe vaping is harmful to users’ health – and even 71% of people who vape nicotine agree.
  • 84% believe vaping is addictive.
  • 78% are concerned about the health impacts.
  • 75% support banning flavours (with very few exceptions such as tobacco flavour).
  • 83% are in favour of limiting nicotine concentrations. 
  • 89% believe government must act this year to protect youth from vaping. 

One in five grade 7 – 12 students vape, according to Health Canada. A recent Canadian study showed that in one year vaping among youth skyrocketed by 74%. Emerging research suggests vaping is a potential gateway to cigarette use for youth. Vaping is linked to respiratory injury and increased blood pressure and nicotine is damaging to developing brains.

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