We want to get to know you better.

We want your visit to the portal to be informative and complete, so you can quickly find and take care of your tasks. Let us personalize your portal experience for you and send you the most relevant, timely information. 

We also aim to be transparent in making sure your role as an Instructor, master instructor, instructor trainer or program administrator is clear to you, and likewise, that you understand our role and our commitments to you and to supporting your training business.

Your first visit to the new portal includes steps that will ensure we’re on the same page. Here’s what you will see the first time you log on to the new portal with your email address or account number: 

  • a pop-up screen will ask you to review your profile information and to make corrections, if necessary
  • you’ll be asked for some additional details, such as your professional background and teaching experience. Your responses in these fields influence the personalization of your portal experience  
  • you’ll be asked to review and agree to required program components: our updated Code of Conduct, privacy policy, and instructor guidelines 
  • you’ll receive access to our new brand/logo, which we’ve customized for you with an “Accredited Trainer” tag. After accepting the new trademark and logo licensing agreement, you’ll also have access to helpful guidelines to show you how best to use Heart & Stroke’s logo to promote your courses

We’re excited for you to access new branding and to serve you better. A friendly reminder to please ensure your portal email address is unique to you (one account, one email address) and updated so your first visit to the new portal is seamless. 

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