New timelines for instructor-level courses

Planning an instructor-level course? Please note the following important new timelines that will impact your process for adding new courses. Our new instructor onboarding process is designed to provide your candidates with time to work through the steps, and it provides you with time to review your candidates’ applications and eligibility, review your roster in advance, and plan for your class size and composition. 

What does this mean for instructor trainers, master instructors and program administrators?

Following an initial transition/grace period (two months after the portal launches) you will be required to add new instructor-level courses to the portal 30 days in advance of your course date. Candidate registration will close (all candidates must be self-registered) five days before the course date to ensure you and your candidates have time to complete the onboarding. And because the new onboarding process is done completely online, all courses must be created on the Heart & Stroke portal and all candidates must enrol through the portal. No other rostering will be accepted. 

We’re excited for you and your candidates to share mutual goals and progress with onboarding with confidence! Our team looks forward to recommending your public courses to interested candidates!

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