It's a red-letter day for resuscitation instruction in Canada!

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Today, we are thrilled to launch our new resuscitation portal.

Our entire network, coast to coast is now together on one single system. As a member of Heart & Stroke’s resuscitation network, you now have access to a consistent, personalized and fully supported experience for yourself and your resuscitation and first-aid students and clients.

Deep, rich and packed with features: What you will see on your first visit are key features intended to help you reach, teach and connect with your students and to support your training business by harnessing the power of new technology.

Built for busy, on-the-go people: The site is designed to provide easy, complete access to your account from your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop for a better, faster and more seamless experience. The system is quick, and functions related to creating, marketing and delivering your courses are simplified but at the same time, richer and with plenty of fresh thinking. 

We understand your needs: We’re fully aware of the myriad factors you need to consider when you provide training in today’s fast-paced environment. Our intention in creating this new portal was to help you more easily work through these complexities. The new portal reflects our commitment to excellence in resuscitation training, to make it easy for you to deliver our best-in-class courses in ways that minimize your administrative efforts and maximize your opportunities to focus on the class and your students.

This is just the start: This new portal was created with innovation in mind. The technology behind the site is robust, with capacity for continuous improvement. We will continue to develop the portal as we grow and offer new programs and services for you. With your feedback and ideas, the site will continue to evolve to become a vital tool, the backbone of your training business or service.

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