Simplified fee structure

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The blending of two separate portals into one provides us with the opportunity to streamline and simplify fees for Quebec instructors and master instructors who, until now, had fees tied to their renewal dates.  Whether you teach just one or multiple course types, or maintain both instructor and master instructor status, there is now one flat fee based on the calendar year. 

The fees have been standardized as follows: 

  • $75 per year
    for anyone with one or more instructor designation (e.g., BLS instructor + ACLS instructor)
  • OR $120 per year
    for anyone with a master instructor designation (e.g., PALS instructor + BLS master instructor)

What does this mean for this year as we transition to the new portal?

  • If you have outstanding (overdue) fees, please visit the Quebec instructor portal now to submit payment(s).
  • If your fees are due between now and the launch of the new portal, please log into the Quebec instructor portal and pay these fees.
  • If your fees are due between launch of the new portal and the end of 2019 your status will be automatically updated and extended to the end of the calendar year.
  • In all cases, you will receive an invoice on November 15 for your all-inclusive 2020 annual instructor fee, as follows:
    • I already paid this year…
      We will deduct this pro-rated amount from your invoice. For example: if you paid your yearly fees on March 31 2019, we will deduct an amount equal to three months fees from your invoice.
    • My fees aren’t due yet…
      We will add a pro-rated amount to your 2020 invoice. For example: if your normal renewal date is October 1, we will add an amount equal to three months fees to your invoice.

We hope this new streamlined structure simplifies at least one aspect of your busy life!