Easier confirmation of your students prerequisites

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You know how important it is that your students arrive prepared with the pre-course knowledge they need to be successful learners. 

Our new portal provides a simplified way for you to monitor this. In the new system, you will easily see which prospective students possess the required prerequisites. Early registration provides you with time to review your students’ prerequisite history.

Students with unique circumstances are able to provide information relating to their situation or course history so that you can evaluate their readiness.  There may be cases where a student might not possess the required prerequisites at the time they register (for example, if a student is simultaneously registering for BLS and ACLS courses). Now they will be able to provide this explanation and you, as the instructor, will be able to review, evaluate and determine whether the student is setup for success on your course. 

The intent is to encourage students to register early, to  help them clearly understand and see the importance of prerequisites and provide you with information so that you may evaluate unique situations.