Digital completion cards Available wherever you go

Making sure your students receive their course completion cards efficiently is easier than ever in Heart & Stroke’s new portal environment. As soon as you submit your course roster, your students will automatically have access to a digital version of their course completion cards on their own portal account. The process is simple and straightforward: our new platform provides you with easy steps to track and roster your class. You can even submit your rosters right at the end of your class, so your students can walk out the door with their course completion eCards already in their account and directly accessible from  any internet or data-enabled device. 

Your students will appreciate the speed and availability of their official completion card and you will enjoy peace of mind. 

This will be particularly appealing for Quebec instructors and program administrators* who may have previously had the responsibility of manually submitting rosters and ordering and distributing printed cards to their successful students. 

For people who do prefer a printed version, these will still be available. Instructors can order on a student’s behalf or students will be able to order from their portal account, at a cost of $5 per card, plus tax.  And, while waiting for the hardcopy card to be mailed, the eCard will be available anywhere, anytime. 

*Program administrator is an account type previously not available in Quebec – stay tuned for a future communication about this role and its features/benefits.

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