Jen was lucky to fully recover.

Jen standing at the beach and looking forward.

Jen got treatment before it was too late. 

First Jen collapsed. Then she couldn’t speak. As she was rushed to the hospital, a stroke continued to shut down her brain and body. Jen received a clot-busting drug just in time to prevent permanent damage. Jen made a full recovery. Others will not.

This is innovative research that will treat strokes faster.

Researchers are working on a new drug innovation that can “pause” the brain during a stroke and dramatically reduce damage. Dr. Michael Tymianski hopes to develop an injection (like an EpiPen®) that can be given long before an ambulance arrives – buying even more time to keep brain cells alive. 

1.9 M
brain cells are lost every minute during a stroke. 
30 min 
Every 30 minutes without treatment, the odds of recovering decrease by 10%.
Canadians are living with the effects of a stroke. 

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