Heart & Stroke Lottery 

Open to Ontario residents only.

A family of 4 of mixed ethnicity laughing happily on the beach.

Two Grand Prizes of $1 Million plus over $4 Million in prizes to be won!

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Participate in the Classic Lottery now for a chance to win amazing prizes including two Grand Prizes of $1 Million, a truck & a trailer package, luxury vehicles, appliances and electronics, cash prizes for your dream vacation, and more!  

Spring prizes 

  • Grand Prize 1 & 2

    Grand Prize 1 & 2

    Win $1 Million! 

  • Grand Prize 3

    Grand Prize 3

    Choose your luxury ride: BMW OR Lexus!

  • Grand Prize 4

    Grand Prize 4

    Ford Bronco Sport + 2 Yamaha WaveRunners

  • Grand Prize 5

    Grand Prize 5

    Cruise Pontoon Boat - E Series dual 21

  • Early Bird Prize

    Early Bird Prize

    Ford F-150 and trailer

  • Electronic Prizes

    Electronic Prizes

    Our biggest and best selection yet

Key dates

June 9;

Early Bird Deadline: June 9

Win a new Ford F-150 and 25’ Trailer.
June 16;

Final Sales Deadline: June 16

Two Grand Prizes of $1 Million. Don’t miss out!

Early Bird Bonus Prize Deadline

Create family memories on the road in a new F-150 and 25’ Trailer, or take $170,000 cash! Buy tickets by June 9.

Add ons

July Money Logo reads "Daily draws - win cash every day!"

July Money draw

Buy the July Money tickets and look forward to the daily draws in July. One daily prize of $10,000 cash, plus, a hundred $50 Mastercard cash cards to be won each day! That’s $465,000 in prizes in total and over 100 chances to win cash every day in July!

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Last year's 50/50 jackpot was $973,662

50/50 draw

Play the 50/50 draw along with the Classic Lottery* for a chance to win big! The jackpot keeps growing and last year’s winner took home over $1.2 Million!

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Heart & Stroke Lottery is open to Ontario residents only.
To learn more or buy tickets: visit www.heartandstrokelottery.ca

*50/50 Lottery tickets must be ordered in conjunction with a Classic Lottery ticket.
Classic Lottery License: RAF1294269 | 50/50 Draw License: RAF1294261 | July Money License:  RAF1294262