The Beat: Episode 2

We can save more women


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In Canada, the number one cause of premature death in women is heart disease and stroke. Learn how research holds the key to changing this.


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Meet our guests

Garima Dwivedi

Garima Dwivedi

Garima experienced a stroke that was initially diagnosed as a sinus infection. Read her story.

Doctor Sharon Mulvagh

Dr. Sharon Mulvagh, cardiologist

Dr. Mulvagh is co-director of the Women’s Heart Health Clinic at the Queen Elizabeth II Health Sciences Centre. She also chairs the Heart & Stroke board in Nova Scotia.

Karen Narraway

Karen Narraway

Karen wanted to believe it when she was told her heart was healthy. So it was a huge shock when she learned she needed bypass surgery. Read her story.

Doctor Karen Nerenberg

Dr. Kara Nerenberg, clinician scientist

Dr. Nerenberg is a Heart & Stroke researcher at the University of Calgary whose work focuses on obstetrical medicine.