Faces of stroke recovery

These courageous Canadians are putting stroke behind them
Joan Lee

Joan Lee worked 18-hour days as a French pastry chef before her stroke at 54.

Stroke can happen at any age. And half of stroke survivors need help with basic daily activities. The 2017 Stroke Report charts their common challenges and triumphs.  

Nolen, age 7

Prenatal stroke

Biggest accomplishments: Learning to walk, speak and perform simple math.

Current goals: Improving his reading and working to master a heel-toe gait with his right foot.

“I love watching Nolen partake in simple activities that I thought would never be possible when he was first diagnosed — singing in a choir, reading a book, or even walking towards me as I enter the house.” – Nolen’s mother, Laura Lenz


Paige, age 7

                                                         Photo credit:  Diane + Mike Photography

Stroke at birth

Biggest accomplishment: Skating for the first time last winter.

Current goals: Improving her fine motor skills and muscle tone on her right side, working three hours a week with her aide, Carleigh; plus doing yoga, dance and swimming to help her mobility.

“Paige is in grade one and has made many wonderful friends. Some have become her greatest helpers too. She has an aide at school for helping with certain tasks that she still finds challenging, but she is getting more confident and independent week after week.” – Paige’s mother, Andrea Bradley

Jenny Jay