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Ordering guidelines

Please read the following ordering guidelines before placing your order.

  • Health publications are free to the public and healthcare providers in limited quantities. Orders with materials over limits require approvals, and cost recovery may apply. Order limits can be found in the Order Form.
  • Stroke assessment and prevention pocket guide requires approval.
  • Commercial companies are asked to make a donation to Heart & Stroke to help offset costs to produce and maintain materials.
  • Description of each health publication is available at Publications page. Please order wisely to avoid waste. Health publications are funded by public donation. Suggestions: 
    • Individuals: Order 1-2 copies of an item for personal use.
    • Community/promotional events: Order a few copies for booth display (e.g. 2-3 copies) and a small quantity as hand-outs (e.g. 50 copies).
    • Healthcare setting: Order maximum 3 month inventory each time.
    • Out of stock items: We don’t accept back orders at this point. Please come back and order later.
    • Standard delivery: 5-14 business days depending on delivery location
    • Questions about ordering or order status: Email or call (416) 489-7111 (ext. 3751).
    • Use the Order Form to place your order.

    Last updated: Jul 2017