New active transportation fund literally a step in the right direction

Investments in sidewalks, paths and bike lanes will support daily physical activity

Ottawa – Heart & Stroke is thrilled with the federal announcement for a $400 million National Active Transportation Fund over five years dedicated to building and expanding sidewalks and paths, bike lanes and foot bridges.

“This investment in active transportation will provide the infrastructure people need to incorporate physical activity in their daily lives such as walking or biking to work, doing errands or getting to public transportation,” says Doug Roth, CEO, Heart & Stroke. “This is about helping make the healthy choice the easy choice which will improve physical and mental health and reduce healthcare costs.”  

About 80% of premature heart disease and stroke is preventable through healthy lifestyle behaviours including being physically active, eating well, being smoke-free, maintaining a healthy weight and managing stress. Unfortunately, 84% of adults and 60% of children do not get the recommended amount of daily physical activity. 

The new fund has the potential to promote health in ways beyond physical activity including by reducing air pollution and motorized traffic congestion and improving local economies.

“Heart & Stroke is proud to have advocated for this investment over the years with many partners including Canadian Automobile Association, Eleanor McMahon and Velo Canada Bikes and we are looking forward to participating in the public consultation on a national active-transportation strategy launching next week,” says Roth.

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