Heart & Stroke applauds draft legislation to recoup cost of smoking

Federal government taps Big Tobacco to pay for tobacco control strategy

Heart & Stroke lauds the federal government for proposing an amendment of the Tobacco and Vaping Products Act to implement an annual tobacco cost recovery fee in the Fall Economic Statement. This is a move that would see tobacco companies footing the bill for the federal tobacco control strategy.

The proposed legislation would impose an annual licensing fee on tobacco manufacturers. The total cost of the federal tobacco control strategy is $66 million per year. This figure includes vaping control activities.

“We congratulate the government for this important legislation that will help save lives, and we urge them to move forward with it quickly,” said Doug Roth, Heart & Stroke CEO. “Tobacco kills 46,000 people in Canada every year. It’s time for tobacco companies to pitch in and mitigate the devastation wrought by their dangerous, addictive products and to turn the tide on smoking in Canada for good.”

Although Canada has implemented many effective tobacco control measures over the past decades, almost 12% of Canadians aged 12 and over are current smokers — a long way from the federal target of less than 5% tobacco use by 2035.

Heart & Stroke also encourages the federal government to finalize comprehensive restrictions on vape flavours (including mint/menthol) to protect youth and to introduce pharmacare legislation in 2023.

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