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Complex, time consuming and groundbreaking research requires a steady stream of funding. Watch now to learn more.

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A breakthrough is in our reach

But we need your help. That's why we have established the Breakthrough Fund, to ensure a steady stream of funding for cutting edge research.

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A national devastation

Every month, 5,500 Canadians die from heart disease and stroke, devastating families and loved ones.

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New threats due to COVID-19

COVID-19 makes people living with heart disease and stroke much more vulnerable to health risks. Alarmingly, mounting evidence shows COVID-19 can damage otherwise healthy hearts and brains — making the need for research significantly more urgent.

A young woman in a lab coat looking down through a microscope.

Saving lives starts with research

Every month, 750  top researchers funded by Heart & Stroke are edging closer to big breakthroughs that will save lives in Canada.

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Join the Breakthrough Fund

Researchers need your help to push closer to the finish line. We urgently need 750 new monthly donors on our team to help our researchers find breakthroughs more quickly. Join us, and be part of the Breakthrough Fund.

Become a monthly donor

Why your help is needed 

In our fight against heart disease and stroke, our monthly donors fund research that saves lives. 

1 in 4
Female deaths are caused by heart disease and stroke
The number of Canadians living with heart failure
The number of researchers funded by Heart & Stroke

Fund the next breakthrough, and save lives.

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