What we don't know is hurting women


Gaps in research, diagnosis and care threaten women’s heart and brain health

It’s time for change

Inequities in our healthcare system are leaving women and the people who love them in the dark.

of all heart disease and stroke clinical research has focussed on men.
cause of premature death in women in Canada is heart disease and stroke.
of women who experience a heart attack have their symptoms go unrecognized.

Close the research gap to save more women.


Heart & Stroke researcher Doctor Padma Kaul

Dr. Padma Kaul uses data to research ways to improve diagnosis and treatment of heart disease in women.

Christina Stuwe, living with heart disease

Christina Stuwe was shocked to learn that a pregnancy complication had left her at increased risk for heart disease.

Heart & Stroke researcher Dr. Glen Pyle

Dr. Glen Pyle is investigating how women’s hearts change during menopause, and how to reduce their risk of heart attack.

Michelle Logeot, living with heart failure

Michelle Logeot was diagnosed with everything except heart disease… until she had a heart attack.

headshot doctor Amy Yu

Dr. Amy Yu researches the reasons why women fare worse than men after stroke.