The Beat: Episode 6

The pandemic’s impact on heart and stroke care


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As hospitals and healthcare providers shifted their focus to COVID-19, what have been the consequences for people living with heart disease and stroke? We assess the impact with two medical experts and a patient who went through bypass surgery during lockdown.


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Meet our guests

Doctor Claire Atzema

Dr. Claire Atzema

Dr. Atzema is a senior scientist at ICES and the Sunnybrook Research Institute, and a staff emergency physician at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre. Learn more about her research.

Paul King, heart disease survivor

Paul King

Paul was diagnosed with heart disease during the COVID-19 pandemic and had successful bypass surgery in May, 2021. Learn more about his story.

Doctor Andrew Krahn

Dr. Andrew Krahn

Dr. Krahn is head of the Division of Cardiology and professor of medicine at the University of British Columbia. He is vice president of the Heart Rhythm Society and past president of the Canadian Cardiovascular Society.