Heart & Stroke lauds federal government’s plan to stop nicotine pouches from getting into the hands of Canada’s youth

Health Minister Mark Holland vows to prevent Big Tobacco from addicting the next generation of young people

Heart & Stroke congratulates the federal government on its announcement to take decisive steps to stop nicotine pouches from being sold and marketed in a way that targets young people. 

“As health advocates, we are long familiar with the methods the tobacco industry uses to hook youth on its products. First it was cigarettes. Then it was vaping. Now it’s nicotine pouches that risk addicting a whole new generation,” says Doug Roth, Heart & Stroke CEO. “We’re thrilled that Minister Holland is taking steps to stop this cycle and protect youth.” 

Minister Holland said he planned to do three things. First, he intends to restrict certain flavours of nicotine pouches, specifically flavours that entice young people to try them, such as Tropic Breeze and Berry Frost. 

Minister Holland also said he will seek authority to ensure nicotine pouch marketing complies with the approved use of the product, which is smoking cessation. At present, nicotine pouches can be promoted to kids on social media through lifestyle marketing. Minister Holland said he’ll put an end to that.

Finally, with support from his provincial and territorial counterparts, Minister Holland wants nicotine pouches placed behind the counter for purchase, as had been recently done in British Columbia and Quebec.

“The minister’s proposed steps are exactly what we need to protect our youth from the scourge of nicotine addiction,” Roth says. “We applaud his strongly worded announcement and look forward to quick action to protect kids from these dangerous products.”

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