Flu shot facts

What you need to know to protect your health
Close up of a vaccine shot being given.
WHAT is flu?
  • Influenza or flu is a highly contagious respiratory disease that could increase your risk of a heart attack or stroke. It is caused by a virus.
  • Flu and COVID-19 are caused by different viruses. The flu shot will not protect you against COVID-19.
WHO needs a flu shot?
  • Everyone six months or older should get a flu shot, according to Health Canada.  
  • The vaccine is especially important for people at risk of flu-related complications because of health conditions including heart disease and diabetes.
WHY get a flu shot?
  • The flu vaccine helps to prevent the flu and protect your heart. 
  • It reduces deaths and flu-related complications.
  • The flu vaccine does not protect you against COVID-19. It can reduce your chances of being infected with COVID-19 and the flu at the same time, which could lead to more serious complications.
  • Preventing the flu will help reduce stress on the healthcare system during the pandemic. 
WHEN should you get it?
  • In Canada your risk of getting the flu is higher in the late fall and winter.
  • Even in late winter, a flu shot can still help. 
WHERE can you get the shot?
  • Depending on where you live, you have several choices:
  • Book an appointment with your family physician.
  • Check with your local pharmacist. Pharmacists are able to give flu shots in several provinces.
  • Find a clinic in your province.
  • And remember – healthcare providers have processes in place for safe clinic visits during the COVID-19 pandemic.  
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