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Create a healthier future for all Canadians

Heart & Stroke advocates for the conditions necessary for all Canadians to live healthy lives free of heart disease and stroke. We are leading the push for changes that will protect you and the people you love.

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Supporting Canada’s Healthy Eating Strategy

Did you know that up to 80% of premature heart disease and stroke can be prevented by making healthier choices? That’s why Heart & Stroke is advocating for healthy nutrition policies. Show your support for the Healthy Eating Strategy to make meaningful changes to our food environment and help Canadians to make healthy choices.

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The kids are not alright

Learn how food marketing puts our children’s health at risk, in the 2017 Report on the Health of Canadians.

Our voices save lives

With the passionate support of donors, volunteers and Canadians across the country, we’ve made great strides in the fight against heart disease and stroke. 
That’s the power of advocacy — which drives our campaigns for a healthier Canada.

Position statements

Heart & Stroke positions on key health policy issues.

More ways to get involved

Our advocacy is focused on creating the conditions necessary for all Canadians to live healthy lives free of heart disease and stroke

Success stories

Here are a few of the advances we’ve achieved together by influencing public policy through advocacy.

relative decline in smoking rates 2010-14
reduction in trans fats in foods since mid-90s
relative rise in people who know stroke signs

Advocating through research

Heart & Stroke Position Statements capture the latest scientific evidence relating to heart disease, stroke and healthy living. They are a key advocacy tool. See position statements.