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By increasing your support with a special gift to the Edge Fund today, you will help researchers on the very edge of a breakthrough. 

We created this fund, especially for you –to push research into treatments sooner, improve patient outcomes faster and beat the sudden devastation of heart disease or stroke.

When you invest in the Edge Fund, you’ll receive exclusive benefits, such as:

  • Invitations to virtual lab tours, to see exactly how your gift is being invested.

  • Breaking news on research progress, so you can be the first to hear of exciting developments.

  • Opportunities to have your voice heard, with exclusive invites to researcher Q&As

  • Our Edge Fund Donor Promise to report back regularly and keep you updated on your impact.

Heart & Stroke researchers like Dr. Guillaume Paré urgently need your help so that together we can beat as one and advance research that’s on the very edge of a breakthrough. Your investment means You can be the one to accomplish this and help millions of people in Canada start benefiting from life-saving research.


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Pushing Research to the Edge

“During a specialist checkup, I was told that I had a Dural Arteriovenous Malformation (Dural AVM) instead of an aneurism. I then underwent neurosurgery for its repair. I am confident that my gift to Heart & Stroke will fund further innovation to heart disease treatments to save future lives like mine.”
- John
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Innovations for Early Dedication

“My family and I believe that funding heart research can help doctors save patients like my mom, who had a bicuspid aortic valve. We hope that other families will not have to go through losing a loved one to this silent killer, and earlier dedication can be made possible.”
- Tarun
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Beat as One Together

“In May of 2020, my healthy 38-year-old daughter-in-law had a stroke, which later, through testing revealed this was because of a hole in her heart. Thank you, to the Foundation, for your work with heart research.”
- Betty & Family