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Help us close the research gap.

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Knowledge is power

Our goal is to ensure women are equitably represented in research so that we can understand how women’s heart and brains are different. 

Understanding women’s unique risks

We are developing new knowledge in pregnancy-related heart and stroke health to help healthcare providers keep mom and baby safe.

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Improving diagnosis

We are funding studies to fully understand Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection (SCAD), an often under-diagnosed emergency condition for women. 

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Heart & Stroke doesn’t just envision a better future for women; we’re already hard at work creating one. 

Everyone plays a part

From healthcare providers and policymakers to people with lived experience, everyone needs to be better-equipped to manage heart disease and stroke in women. 

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Our new public awareness campaign is opening everyone’s eyes to the bias women with heart disease and stroke face. 

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Tools and resources

Our online tools and resources arm women to identify their risk factors, recognize the signs of heart attack and stroke, and be their own advocates.

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Health reconciliation

We are working with Indigenous organizations to support and advocate for critical priorities for Indigenous women as identified by Indigenous people.

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For people with lived experience of heart disease and stroke and their care partners, we provide access to a sisterhood of support  through our Facebook groups. 

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Women’s survival rates won’t change until the system does. We are supporting gender-equity policies and taking action to help change the system from the inside out.

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We are investing in better outcomes for women by helping to educate system leaders and healthcare professionals.

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To stop women from dying, we need to close the research gap.

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  • Where can I find a community of support ? 

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