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Cheryl MacKenzie

More real women’s stories

From BC to PEI, these women in Canada come from various backgrounds but share one thing in common: they’re survivors. Read their stories.

Sandra Thornton hugs her dog by a lake.

Sandra Thornton

As a Heart & Stroke volunteer, Sandra knew that women can experience heart attack differently. That knowledge may have saved her life.

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Angie MacCaull

I had some symptoms, but my doctor thought it was gallbladder or acid reflux. I ended up having a triple bypass and my aortic root replaced. 

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Donna Sharman

Donna Sharman

When I had a major stroke, I was lucky to be part of a clinical trial. This treatment saved my life.

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Annie Richard smiles in front of a tree with purple flowers

Annie Richard

I thought, I’m too young. I eat well, I play sports. I’m healthy! At 39, you’re not prepared for a heart attack. 

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Genevieve and Nathan

Geneviève Morel

My husband was forced to make an unthinkable decision – save my life or our unborn son’s. My stroke has changed our lives forever.

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Winsome Dewar smiling at the camera

Winsome Dewar

My family history and Afro-Caribbean heritage puts me at a much higher risk of heart disease. I have to be vigilant about my own health.

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Esther Sanderson wears a purple jacket and smiles beside a University of Winnipeg sign.

Esther Sanderson

Indigenous people believe in taking care of our hearts, minds and spirits. Thirteen years after my heart transplant, I’m still doing that.

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Jose Boudreault and Louis-Philippe Rivard

Josée Boudreault

When I woke my husband, he immediately recognized my drooping face, right side paralysis and slurred speech as all the signs of a stroke.

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