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The Heart & Stroke Young Leaders Committee

Passionate volunteers are dedicated to raising awareness and funds.
Eight members of Heart & Stroke Young Leaders Committee

Young Leaders members (from left): William Jones, Dr. Adam Kassam, Kristina McCaughey, Larissa Moscu, Charles Layton, Alice Lan, Jacqueline Martinz, Robert Saunders (absent: Dr. Vanessa Rambihar).

The next generation of philanthropic leaders are ready to make an impact now. Heart & Stroke in Ontario is proud to introduce the Young Leaders Committee, a team of passionate volunteers dedicated to raising awareness about heart disease and stroke among their peers and to raising critical funds for breakthrough research. 

The committee brings together young professionals from different fields, all philanthropists eager to lead healthy lives and to help shape the future of Heart & Stroke.

Past committee chair William Jones is a long-time Heart & Stroke spokesperson “I had cardiac arrest at the age of 17. Fortunately, a teacher was trained in CPR and saved my life,” William says. “We will help young professionals focus on prevention, share ideas, and lend support so Heart & Stroke remains a leader in research and advocacy.”

The committee is planning a variety of engaging events to be held in venues throughout Toronto. Young professionals will find opportunities to learn the latest exercise regimes, speak to renowned medical experts, explore apps for a healthy lifestyle and much more.

“I’m excited to see how much this group accomplishes,” said Avril Goffredo, CEO, Heart & Stroke, Ontario. “They have innovative ideas, plus the energy and connections to get things done.”

For more information about the Young Leaders Committee and upcoming events, send an email to

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