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Session Requirements due: Oct. 2

The following information will be required by the deadline indicated and can be submitted via the faculty requirement form. An email with details will be sent to you 2-3 weeks before each deadline.

Audio-visual requirements

All rooms will be equipped with a wide format (16x9) screen, projector, podium microphone and laptop.

  • A web and text based ARS (audience response systems) system will be available. Please note that if you would like to utilize this technology, your final presentation will need to be shared by late November and onsite changes to your presentation will not be possible.
  • Not included: internet connection, connectors for Apple devices (please bring your connectors if you would like to use your Apple device).
  • If you have additional AV requirements, or would like to use the ARS, please indicate on the faculty requirement form.

Brief biography

A brief biography will be required for introduction (max. 5-6 sentences). It may be edited for length. Email to or include in the faculty requirement form.

Faculty headshot

Please provide a headshot for the conference app via email to

Headshot recommendations:

  • Photograph of a face and shoulders
  • High resolution image

Presentation and videotaping release

You will be asked to “Agree” or “Not agree” to accept the presentation, video and photography release terms.

The keynote, plenary and lunch sessions are videotaped and/or webcasted.

The release is found at the end of the faculty requirement form.


Please contact:

Lisa Pfeiffer, Senior Specialist, Knowledge Exchange for Health Professionals
T 647-943-3204 | E