Clinical Update 2016 presentations

Slides and videos from Heart & Stroke Clinical Update on Dec. 9-10, 2016

The following presentations and videos were provided with the permission of the speakers. The information is intended for the use of healthcare professionals for reference and education only and is not a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis or treatment. You should consult your healthcare professional for personal health matters.

Keynote address

The Canadian health care system: Is it sustainable? (Gordon Guyatt)

Plenary 1: Atypical presentations

Heart disease: Atypical and typical heart patient (Michael E. Farkouh)

Syncope: When to worry (Peter Leong-Sit)

Stroke or TIA: Real or imitation? (Frank L. Silver)

Plenary 2: Managing organ failure

Vascular cognitive impairment: From diagnosis to management (Mike Sharma)

Managing kidney failure (Sheldon W. Tobe)

Plenary 3: Managing lifestyle - Is it all about weight?

Advances in bariatric surgery and medications (Sean Wharton)

Concurrent workshops

F1-01: How to interpret your cardiovascular image reports (Eric Yu)

F1-02: Acute stroke and early management (Jennifer Mandzia)

F1-03: The palliation of heart failure and stroke – Medical management and decision making (Jana Pilkey)

F1-04: Hypertension 2016: Case based approach (Ally Prebtani)

F1-05: Practical management of NOACs (Paul Dorian)

F1-06: Natural health products for cardiovascular risk reduction: Panacea, bust, or work in progress? (Jeff Nagge, Cynthia Richard)

F2-07: Managing atrial fibrillation: Beyond anticoagulation (Peter Leong-Sit)

F2-08: The 3-minute nurological examination demystified (W.J. Oczkowski)

F2-09: Cardiac rhythm devices: Pacemakers, ILR ICD, CRT – What's out there and what should I know? (William F McIntyre)

F2-11: Antiplatelets Therapy for acute coronary syndrome (Dominic Raco)

F2-12: Managing diabetes in 2016 – What to add, when and why? (Maria Wolfs)

S3-13: Keeping your patient out of the hospital by preventing a second stroke (Grant Stotts)

S3-14: Management of patients with TIA (Cheryl Jaigobin)

S3-15: A case-based approach to ECGs (Lorne Gula, Damian Redfearn)

S3-17: Addressing the challenges of heart failure management (Stuart J. Smith, Maureen Leyser)

S3-18: Lipids: Looking forward to 2017 (Robert Hegele)

Closing Lunch & Learn

Physical activity and exercise interventions for the prevention and management of heart disease and stroke (Paul Oh, Susan Marzolini, Danielle Lawrence)