Work with your healthcare team

Know your numbers

Your healthcare team uses numbers as one way to track your health – numbers such as your blood pressure reading and your blood test results. Get to know what these numbers mean. Talk to your team about the targets they feel are right for you. Ask about your results and track your progress.

Take your medications as prescribed

Managing your medications properly will help you to avoid another stroke.

  • Take all medications unless your doctor tells you to stop. If you have to stop on your own for some reason, tell your doctor or nurse practitioner right away.
  • Mark your calendar when your prescription runs out. Make sure you have an appointment to renew your prescription before you run out.
  • Make sure your doctor knows about all of the medications that you take. This includes prescription drugs, over the counter drugs, and herbal remedies.
  • Always check with your pharmacist when you buy anything over the counter, to make sure there are no problems taking it with your other medications.
  • Keep a complete list of the names of your medications. Record the dose (how much) and how many times a day you take it. Keep this list in a handy spot in case your family or emergency personnel need the information.

Tips for keeping your medications organized:

  • Get a pill container (dosette) and fill it weekly.
  • Ask your pharmacist to prepare your medications in a blister pack with individual doses. This only works well if you are able to open the blister packaging on your own.
  • Take your medication at the same time every day.
  • Use visual reminders. Keep your pills where you will see them often, such as on the counter. Or put a sticker on the bathroom mirror to remind you.
  • If you are going out, make sure you have your medication with you.
Stay in touch with your healthcare team

Make regular appointments with your doctor or nurse practitioner. Report any changes in your condition. Ask questions. Be sure to ask for any prescription renewals you need.

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