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Community exercise programs

Here are some evidence-based exercise programs that might be offered in your community.Talk with your healthcare team about whether any of the programs are right for you.

Together In Movement and Exercise (TIME™)

What is this program?

  • A community-based group exercise program focused on improving balance and mobility.
  • Designed by physiotherapists and classes are led by specially trained fitness instructors.
  • Exercise in a friendly class setting with people who have had a stroke or similar conditions,
  • Designed to meet your ongoing exercise needs.
  • Ongoing support to the fitness instructors from healthcare providers – usually physiotherapists – who visit the class periodically.
  • Available in more than 40 Y’s and community centres in Ontario, British Columbia and New Brunswick.

Who is appropriate for the program?

Exercises are designed for people who can:

  • Walk at least 10 metres (30 feet), with or without a cane or walker.
  • Can exercise standing while holding on to the back or a chair or other support.

A caregiver can attend with you.

Consult with your health care team about whether TIME™ is right for you.

Where can I find it?

Toronto Rehab-UHN has more information and maintains a list of locations here:

Who developed the program?

Time ™ is designed by physiotherapists at Toronto Rehab-UHN with support from the Department of Physical therapy at the University of Toronto, the Ontario Stroke Network and the BC Fraser Health Authority. The program is led by fitness instructors in community centres.

Fit for Function: A community wellness program for persons with stroke

What is this program?

  • A 12-week community-based exercise and educational program.
  • Designed to give you the confidence you need to manage some of the challenges of living with stroke.
  • Will teach you how to exercise safely and effectively.

Who is appropriate for the program?

  • People who live in Hamilton/Burlington/Brantford.
  • Customised to your mobility requirements.

Consult with your healthcare team about whether Fit for Function is right for you.

Where can I find it?

  • Delivered in 3 locations in Ontario – the YMCAs of Hamilton/Burlington/Brantford.
  • Talk to your health care team about what programs are best for you.

Who developed the program?

Fit for Function was developed by Dr Julie Richardson and Dr Ada Tang

Fitness and Mobility Exercise (FAME) program

What is this program?

  • A community-based exercise program.
  • Facilitator resources are available for health practitioners and exercise instructors who offer the program, but the participant does the program independently.
  • Helps stroke survivors to improve mobility, cardiovascular fitness, and arm and hand function.
  • Helps minimize the risk of falls and fractures.
  • Addresses balance, muscle strength, bone health, mobility, cardiovascular fitness and depression.
    • Requires minimal hands-on assistance to encourage independent ability.
    • Participants are progressed according to ability.
  • Each session lasts 1 hour. Suggested frequency of 3x/week for 3-4 months (or more).

A stroke clinician (eg physiotherapist, occupational therapist, nurse) should be involved in the program to assess the abilities of the participants, and to assess participant ratio and how much care partner assistance is needed.

Who is appropriate for the program?

People who:

  • are able to move around. It is ok to use a cane, walker and/or ankle-foot orthoses. It might also be OK for people who use a power wheelchair for mobility if they can walk short distances (eg 3 metres) with minimal supervision.
  • can perform standing exercises while holding onto a support. Trained care partners may be able to help, but this should be assessed on an individual basis.
  • are able to pay attention, follow instructions and mimic exercises for one hour
  • are aware of their safe limits of ability
  • are very active with demanding sports after their stroke (ie tennis, skiing).

Consult with your healthcare team about whether FAME is right for you.

Where can I find it?

To learn more and to download the facilitator resources, please visit this website:

ho developed the program?

The University of British Columbia with funding from the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

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