Legacy contacts

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Legal Name: Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada

Charitable Registration # 10684-6942-RR001

Regional Legacy Advisors

Ontario and Eastern Canada (Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland & Labrador)
Mary Goodfellow, Senior Advisor, Legacy Giving
Toll free 1-888-473-4636 ext. 23086

Western Canada (British Columbia/Yukon, Alberta/Northwest Territories & Nunavut, Saskatchewan & Manitoba) & Quebec
Jane Westheuser, Advisor, Legacy Giving
Toll free 1-888-473-4636 ext. 28020

New Brunswick
Paula McKinley, Director of Gift Planning

Toll free 1-800-663-3600
506-634-2055 ext.2064

National Legacy Giving Office

Toll free 1-800-205-4438 ext. 2


Estate administration

Rima Yasmin, Estate Coordinator (Ontario and Eastern Canada)
416- 489-7111 ext. 23254
Fax: 416-640-1479
Heart and Stroke Foundation
1300-2300 Yonge Street, Box 2414
Toronto ON M4P 1E4

Thandy Walcott, Estate Coordinator (Western Canada)
416 – 489-7111 ext. 23052
Fax: 416-640-1479 
Heart and Stroke Foundation
1300 – 2300 Yonge Street, Box 2414
Toronto, ON M4P 1E4

Estate administration, Quebec
Gina Sabelli, Estate coordinator
514-871-8038 ext. 20230
Fax: 514-871-9385
Heart and Stroke Foundation
1434 Sainte-Catherine St. West, Suite 500
Montreal QC H3G 1R4

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